Hey, if you could be any superhero, who would you be? (#0009)

And it’s Saturday!

As we are now into the month of December and the liturgical season of Advent, we at MoonChimps Media will be celebrating LitMas. Litmas is of course the most lit night of the year, featuring the traditional glowsticks, black lights, Ontario white wine, Moosehead lager, chips, pizza, chicken, and a deli meat platter.

Have fun out there good folks of the internet,
God bless,
Don’t drink and drive,
-Moon Chimps Media

PS: Don’t kill yourself anytime soon! The Moon Chimps Game is being created as we speak by our in-house app developer “Tyler the Lifestyler”. Expect an official launch in August.

If you want to be one of the first people notified of the beta version and the full app launch, of Tyler’s masterpiece Moon Chimps Episode One: The Light Side of the Moon you can join our Waiting List here.

     Also in production by Moon Chimps Media is a very colorful and unique memoir of the one and only Rob Kaarto. Nicknamed “The Legal Pimp” with 25 years of experience running high-end strip clubs in Toronto and Niagra Falls. He is also a true internet pioneer with years of being an adult webmaster, with fifty different adult models and a T1 internet connection.  It is a book that will have you laughing, ready to fight, and a little stiff in the jeans. You can follow Rob on Youtube here.

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