What happened to Mims the Rapper?

What happened to Mims the Rapper?

Yung Joc.


Dem Franchise Boyz.

Soulja Boy.

Hurricane Chris.

What do all these people have in common? They all had an opportunity to get extremely wealthy. They all had “their chance”. They worked for years to get “a chance”.

Yung Joc was hot for about…two songs. He did make $10 million the year his two songs came out. He did make up to $50,000 a day that year. But then…he stopped working. Didn’t put in any hours.

Mims had one song. Ironically called: This is Why I’m hot. He never figured out the formula to staying hot. After that one great song, he came out with a shitty one,  and then….he stopped working. Didn’t put in any hours.

Hurricane Chris had two songs. Both got a lot of radio play. And then….he stopped working. Didn’t put in any hours.

Dem Franchise Boyz was a rap group with 1) terrible spelling and 2) Jermaine Dupri behind them. Jermaine Dupri gave them great beats, produced them, promoted them. They were like his little laboratory creation, just a formula to make money and catchy songs.

And yeah, Dem Franchise Boyz had at least four good songs. And they toured. And after that…they stopped working. They stopped putting in the hours.

Soulja Boy is the One Hit Wonder exception. He had one popular song, which everyone knows, Crank That. Lyrically, it sucked. But life is random and silly, and the radio stations played it 24/7. Because people called in and requested it. Because it was catchy. It was stupid, but it was catchy.

How many stupid songs did Soulja make before Crank That? We don’t know. Nobody cares. But he made them.

Chances are, you didn’t remember most of the previous rappers I listed.

How much work did Soulja put in AFTER he had his one hit wonder?

He has 50+ free mixtapes on the internet right now. Maybe that’s why people still know his name?

He’s also working on his fourth studio album right now, maybe that’s why people still know his name?

Soulja, real name DeAndre Way, also owns his own record label:  Stacks on Deck Entertainment. When you own your own company (like we at Moon Chimps Media do), it is easier to keep moving forward. It’s much easier to work too many hours in a week, or to go weeks without a day off.

Which other rapper has made an obscene amount of mixtapes? Gucci Mane. Gucci Mane, coincidentally,  owns his own record label.

More related to Moon Chimps Media…who has made an obscene amount of comics and books? Scott Adams. He’s put out 15 books of writing and comic strips. Coincidentally, Scott Adams owns his own company.  (actually he’s owned a few companies.)

Another group that’s put out an obscene amount of comics, 4,500+ so far, is Cyanide and Happiness.  They’ve also put out 5 books, an app, and two board games. Coincidentally, they own their own company.

Are you noticing a trend? People who own their own company, put in too much time, too much work, have too much content…are ultimately successful.

People who “get lucky” and stop working….disappear quickly and end up broke. Broke like Young Buck, a rapper from G-Unit no one will remember in 10 years. He’s actually bankrupt.

Specific to Moon Chimps Media, I’m trying to write a 1500 word article every Saturday. I don’t know very much about SEO. But I know I’m stubborn. And I know the importance of working too much and putting out too much content.

Calvin Coolidge said it best:

Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.

That quote is said at the start of the Ray Kroc movie, The Founder.

It’s not about talent.

It’s not about education.

And it’s definitely not about genius. I’ve only met one real certified “genius” in my life. His grandparents lived across the street from me when when we were kids. One day, in gradeschool, we took an IQ test. He scored 135, I scored 125.

He was pushed into the “gifted” program, while I was deemed not smart enough. We were rivals for years following that, in everything. He always won.

In grade eight,  he was so smart, bear with me on this one…

In grade eight, he was so smart, he learned how to suck his own dick. I’m 100% serious.

How do I know? One time after school I took a 10 minute break from playing basketball because I had to take a big shit.

I didn’t want to take a shit in the bathroom right near the basketball court, because people were in there talking and roughhousing and stuff. I was trying to take a shit goddamnit. I wanted to be alone.

So I walked all the way to the administration side of the building, where all the hallway lights were off and it was quiet. When I went in the bathroom in the administration area, the lights in there were off too and I had to flip them on.

It was quiet. Very quiet. After running and jumping and playing basketball, it was a sanctuary to shit in.

Like sixty seconds after I sat down on the porcelain, I heard the door to the bathroom swing open. Nobody had been in the administration side of the building in hours, but now that I’m taking a shit, some guy’s in there right away.


The guy gets in the stall beside me (weird), and ruins the silence. He’s shuffling around, moving his clothes.  He’s taking his shoes off, his pants off, his shirt off.

I’m thinking, “Alright why the fuck is he getting naked this is weird.”

The mystery kid says “Hey Jon. Is that you?”

I was Jon and it was me, so I said in the most annoyed and hostile voice a thirteen-year old could muster : “Yeah.”

Then the kid said “It’s Mike, want to see something cool?”

My brain wasn’t having any of that.

This kid followed me to the bathroom, got naked, and is making me if I want to see “something cool”?

I grew up around crackheads and heroin and drunks, and the alarm system in my brain lit up at that sentence. I knew this “Genius” Mike was gonna do something weird. My adrenaline started pumping because hey, maybe I gotta throw a couple punches at this kid.

Mike takes my silence as permission, and he rolls his naked body on the floor, under the wall of the stall, into my stall. Remember, I was just trying to take a shit.

Once this dude rolls into my stall, I stood up and pulled my pants up.  I didn’t wipe my ass, I didn’t flush.

He immediately starts slobbing his own knob in my stall.

I didn’t say anything, I didn’t think a single thought. I just unlocked the stall door, swung it hard against his head twice, and made a beeline for the washroom door.

I didn’t wash my hands or look back, I just walked out the washroom door and walked down the hallway.

Then I walked straight home.

I didn’t tell anyone for a year.

After a year, I was walking home from school with a couple guys I worked out with. We were just 14, so we did simple callisthenics. Pushups, crunches, sprints, stuff like that.

Anyways, I trusted these guys, so I told them about the whole “Mike Cocksucker” incident.

My one buddy was stupidified….his basic response was “WTF??”

My other buddy said, verbatim: “Man, Mike’s always doing gay shit like that. That’s why Marc and me stopped playing basketball at his house, he’s always sucking his own dick. He shows everybody.”

I felt relieved that I wasn’t the only victim of, whatever the fuck he was doing.

But, over ten years later,  I still tell that story. Any time someone says the word “genius” or brings up IQ.

I have no choice but to think:  “Man, does that guy suck his own dick too?”

I don’t want to be a a genius. I’d much rather be “normal” and just work too many hours for too many years and make too much content.

That’s how Cyanide and Happiness did it. That’s how Radric Davis did it. That’s how DeAndre Way did it.  That’s how Scott Adams did it.  That’s how Victor Pride did it.

Have fun out there,
-Moon Chimps Media

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