Working Night Shift: How To Stay Awake At Night For Work

Working Night Shift: how to stay awake for work.

Good morning folks, Jonny here from MoonChimps Media.

Seeing as I worked the 3:30am-7:30am shift for my day job the past two days, I figured today’s 100 word freewrite would be on the “Best Ways To Stay Awake At Night For Work.”

For me personally, the #1 way to stay awake is to drink coffee. Every once in a while I have to work with a person who “doesn’t drink coffee”, and J gotta say, it sucks. To clarify, there are tons of people who use the phrase “I don’t drink coffee”, but they’re awake when they say it, and have a Monster, Amp, or Rockstar in their hand when they say it. Those people are totally fine. Some of those people are my best friends.

I’m talking about the, (pardon my French), useless cocksuckers who can’t keep their eyes open, but absolutely refuse to drink coffee or energy drinks to stay awake. Remedy your fucking situation, guy. To return to my original point, for me personally, the #1 way to stay awake for work is to drink coffee.

And to make a couple distinctions, coffee is a diuretic, and it also makes me tired. I traditionally have always drank my coffee black, but for the past two weeks, I’ve been drinking really shitty coffee. So, at age 26, I’ve finally succumb to putting sugar in my coffee. I’ve toughed it out for the past 8 years of my life, but this 50 cent vending machine coffee really is that bad. On the plus side, I discovered that the sugar helps keep me awake, and gives me a bit more energy. So if you’re trying to stay awake at night for work, from my experience, adding sugar to your coffee may help.


My second distinction, was that coffee is a diuretic. Ideally, once I get a coffee in my hand, I chug a bottle of over before I take that first sip.  It prevents me from getting dehydrated, and keeps me feeling somewhat-less burnt out when I’m trying to stay awake at night for work. Notice I said ideally though. I usually skip that step.

The second best way to stay for me to stay awake for work, personally, is to stand up.

I originally learned to stay on my feet when I worked as a security guard, years ago. If you keep walking around “doing patrols”, the time goes slightly faster and you stay awake. If you sit down for too long, your body starts to rest, and before you know it, you’re fighting to keep your eyes open. I’ve fallen asleep standing up before (as recently as 3 weeks ago), but generally, you last a hell of a lot longer than if you were sitting down.

Standing up when I’m sleepy is a habit I’ve kept in my back pocket, when I have to do paperwork late at night, or I’m just sleepy and moving slow during the day. At any time of day, standing up instead of sitting down helps me focus and get my work done.

I’d write more, but I have to go down the hall for a meeting in 15 minutes, and I feel a big poop in my immediate future. Will I be able to poop and make it there in time? Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion.

Have fun out there,

-MoonChimps Media

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