App to help with depression and New Book on the way

What’s up guys, Jonny here from MoonChimps Media.

I’ve been pretty busy with the whole “Moving to America” thing, and our programmer Tyler has been pretty busy with his whole “Final exams, graduating,  and moving 3 hours north to a new job” thing.

While we’ve been focusing on that, our depression discord has really taken off and helped a lot of people. So far, over 450 people all over the world. Thank you to all the posters who keep it going!!

To better serve this community, I enlisted our programmer Tyler to take a break from making games, so we could focus on putting out a good app to help our core audience. I don’t want to give away any spicy details, but it will be a daily check-in to for you to track your mood and (hopefully) catch yourself if you start getting into a particular depressive rut. If you’ve been ranking your mood at 5/10 all month, and then it drops down to 1/10 for three days, it might be a wake up call to yourself that you’re headed into a rut.

Aside from that app to fight depression, I’ve been working with a couple new writers on a silly book. I’ll just give y’all the tagline:

Fuzzy Details

A young real estate investor has a chance to hit it big with a new building….until he runs into some Fuzzy Details!

What could the details be? Who knows, that’s the whole suspense thing, building up some imaginary hype. Fuzzy Details will be available as an ebook on Amazon by September 2018, and it’ll only be about $2.99 on Amazon.

That’s all the details we have for now,
Have fun out there,
-MoonChimps Media

PS: Please try our free android game, Mike’s Escape! You can download it from the Google Playstore by clicking here.


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