Tangerine Tiger

Tangerine Tiger – Riff Raff Album

Tangerine Tiger – New Riff Raff Album

Riff Raff is releasing a new album on November 9th, 2018. The album is already available for presale. Will I be buying it? Probably not, because I never pay for music and already cancelled my Spotify. I just use youtube for music right now but I’ll probably get Spotify again eventually. I was using Tidal for a few months because they have a great military discount…but it’s also slow as fuck and doesn’t have user-made playlists (only their shitty corporate ones) and they only have music put out by major labels…barely any niche music which is the majority of what I listen to.

What was I talking about? Oh  right – the Tangerine Tiger album by Riff Raff coming out November 9th, 2018. Here is the trailer:


The cover art looks pretty cool. If you haven’t been following Riff Raff’s instagram, he chopped off his signature braids and switched to the Dale Dan Tony American Dude haircut:

Tangerine Tiger

There are two singles out right now from the Tangerine Tiger album. First is Foreign Land with Lil Tracy:

The second single is Dukes of Hazzzard:

You can find the lyrics to Dukes of Hazzard here on Moonchimps.com.

You can see the tour dates for the Tangerine Tiger tour on Riff Raff’s Instagram.

Once the Tangerine Tiger album is released, we at MoonChimps will be reviewing it thoroughly.

Have fun out there,
-MoonChimps Media

Midnight Danger Music – The Purging Fire

Midnight Danger Music

When a forest grows too wild, a purging fire is inevitable and natural.


Who is Midnight Danger? What is his music?

Where doth this musician cometh from?

Midnight Danger is a musician from Stockholm, Sweden and he bears the banner of NewRetroWave!

Let your ears absorb the musical coup d’etat as we leave our bodies. We shed our bodies, and float above reality. We simply float out of the present as spiritual beings, we hover above the stinky leaking garbage bag of mumble rap. And we go back! Back to the Future of the 80s – a future that is yet to come but is electric and alive and….if you wake up before the sun comes up, and you start your car…..the rumble of the engine awakening simultaneously with the beating of your heart and soul….if you sip your coffee as Midnight Danger starts to play….that Future, my friend, that Glorious Future is NOW!

Which man thought that Young Thug and the mumble rappers would rule music forever?
Or that he was ever fit to rule at all?

Well let me tell you folk present with me at MoonChimps.com…

I had a vision this morning. And I have spoken to the Gods…

A new future has been made, my brothers.

A future with Midnight Danger and his warriors, forging ahead, burning everything.

 The banner of NewRetroWave is held high!

Midnight Danger New Retro Wave

Who thinks Young Thug can hold a sword to Midnight Danger?

Midnight Danger
Midnight Danger  is the virile music that drives young men and women to valor, to conquer challenges and rise above the adversity. To pull their boots from the sucking mud
of mumble rap and retake the land of music for their own gain.

(Can you tell I’ve been watching a lot of Vikings on Netflix lately? Lolol.)

Where does the name Midnight Danger come from?

I can give you that answer from his BandCamp profile,

“When I was a little kid, I was so scared to go to bed after midnight. I always had to go to bed before, otherwise something terrible would probably happen. It was scary.

A few years later I felt in love with horror movies, metal, hard rock, playing guitar, 80’s culture and most recently synthwave.

This is my Midnight Danger project!”

What is the Midnight Danger album?

Midnight Danger’s first full album is called Malignant Force and you can listen to the full album for free on his youtube channel, or you can simply press play here:

That album should keep you going for a while. For more niche music, be sure to check the MoonChimps.com forum on the regular.