Tangerine Tiger

Tangerine Tiger – Riff Raff Album

Tangerine Tiger – New Riff Raff Album

Riff Raff is releasing a new album on November 9th, 2018. The album is already available for presale. Will I be buying it? Probably not, because I never pay for music and already cancelled my Spotify. I just use youtube for music right now but I’ll probably get Spotify again eventually. I was using Tidal for a few months because they have a great military discount…but it’s also slow as fuck and doesn’t have user-made playlists (only their shitty corporate ones) and they only have music put out by major labels…barely any niche music which is the majority of what I listen to.

What was I talking about? Oh  right – the Tangerine Tiger album by Riff Raff coming out November 9th, 2018. Here is the trailer:


The cover art looks pretty cool. If you haven’t been following Riff Raff’s instagram, he chopped off his signature braids and switched to the Dale Dan Tony American Dude haircut:

Tangerine Tiger

There are two singles out right now from the Tangerine Tiger album. First is Foreign Land with Lil Tracy:

The second single is Dukes of Hazzzard:

You can find the lyrics to Dukes of Hazzard here on Moonchimps.com.

You can see the tour dates for the Tangerine Tiger tour on Riff Raff’s Instagram.

Once the Tangerine Tiger album is released, we at MoonChimps will be reviewing it thoroughly.

Have fun out there,
-MoonChimps Media

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